Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work 2015 Showcase

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work commissioned me to create their 2015 'Yella' video, which encapsulates the exciting and diverse events & activities throughout the year on their West London business park. Previous years had merely offered a slideshow of photos and video footage, so I proposed an enhanced motion graphics storyboard that featured a variety of desktop elements and effects to add visual interest and dynamism to the piece.

Working with motion graphics specialist Simon Thomas ( we combined the wealth of video and photographic assets with motion tracked text (from guest comments and tweets), 2.5D effects, illustration, animation and other techniques alongside an upbeat pop/D&B crossover soundtrack.

The finished video acted not only as a summation of 2015 at Chiswick Park, but also as an effective advertisement for the park's tenant service offering. An additional version of the film was also created with an alternative Christmas ending, to be used as a digital greetings card for 2015.