About Me

I work as a consultant and designer under the banner of my company: Trickster.
I thrive on creating things, whether they’re digital or tangible.

Throughout my creative career I've enjoyed producing concepts and seeing them through to delivery. I was trained in Fine Art and Illustration at Aberystwyth University in Wales, and I used to paint portraits, but have worked with the web since 1996 so I'm at home with technology or a simple pencil and paper in equal measure.

I’m also very sociable, and value swapping ideas and discussions with like-minded or inspirational people, as well as engaging clients in a straightforward, non-technical way. I have an open and fun approach to work and life.

I have extensive experience and abilities in design and creative production but I'm also very organised, tidy and well versed in juggling projects, whether they be design related or not. I've become accustomed to wearing numerous work hats on any given project, as I've been doing for the majority of my career.

I've worked with, or on projects for an array of companies including Adidas, MS-Amlin, Allied Bakeries, Associated British Foods, Astra Zeneca, Aventis, Bank of Tokyo, BASF, British Car Auctions, City & Guilds, Deloitte, Diageo, Digitas Health, Dolby Labs, Kier Group, Land Securities, Lucozade Suntory, Microsoft, QBE, The Corporation of London and William Grant.

I'm always keen to discuss new projects and creative ideas, so take a look at my portfolio and drop me a line if you like what you see.

When I'm not working, amongst other things I like to cycle, take photos of things, produce music, go scuba diving, climb mountains, write stories, grow veg and of course socialise. I'm not very good at doing nothing!